Visualize a utilize of bot execution during a day\

hi all,
quite new in Kibana and need some help,
I'm trying to visualize a utilization of bots during a day\days (depended on filter @timestemp) ,
when a bot ended his run he log is total execution time in second, and he can run multiple times a day.
cant find a way to visualize a each bot utilization ratio to day ,
y-axis : 0 - 100 % ( seconds in a day)
x-axis : @timestemp (each day)
split : sum(total execution time in second) of each robot

thanks in advance

Hi @yonaten08. This very much depends on how your data is structured. I assume that each document represents one run of one bot. If so, it's pretty easy to set this chart up using Lens.

X axis I would use date histogram on the @timestamp field with the minimum interval set to 1 day

Y Axis I would use the Lens formula to sum(total execution time) / seconds in a day, and set the formatting to percent.

Split on robot id or any other unique identifier.

An extra step to make this nicer would be to use a reference line in Lens set to 100% to make sure that you are always in the range of 0-100%.

I know this isn't quite the same as your data, but here's an example of how it could look using our demo data.

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