Visualize a value that is calculated by the period of time with next value

Hi, i want to obtain a visualization with a calculated value. In order to calculate that value, i have to know the time of the next value, but I have no idea how to get some sort of array in order to make this kind of visualization. I have try TSVB and another ways of visualize, but I dont know how to approach this (I can't ingest new values with Logstash).

Thank you.

Is there a way to do this?

Can you give an example on what you would need? My initial inclination is that it's not possible, but there might be some workarounds if we can get a concrete example.

Ok, lets try to make a good example.

In first place, we have this data (The first one is a date value that is the timestamp and the second one is an arbitrary value):

  • 03:43:22.000, 10
  • 03:43:24.500, 15
  • 03:43:25.000, 20

In order to calculate the value for the first line of data, I need the time in seconds between the first line of data and the second line of data (2.5s) and the value of the first line (10). In order to calculate the calculated value on the second line, I will need the time difference between 2º line and 3º line (0.5s) and the value of second line (15) and so on.

Is there a way to make something like this? Thank you for your patience and sorry for my poor English :slight_smile:

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