Visualize all APM spans instead of samples

I am investigating a move from Jaeger UI to Kibana. I already have a POC setup. However i got a few questions regarding the visualization of individual spans. Our devs are used to Jaeger UI and they want a vertical list with all the spans. I have tested Kibana 7.7 and kibana 7.15, although we would need to use the former due to the elastic version we have in production. I however am not sure those trace sample panes can be modified.

Is there setting I can configure to show all of the spans, instead of samples, growing vertically, instead of the scroll to the sides?

example Jaeger spans

A test we made

You're visualizing in Kibana trace samples, not the actual traces. You can list all the collected traces within the APM app by clicking on "Traces." It will list all the traces for you and list them in a table just like Jaeger.

Another option is using the Discover feature on Kibana and running a simple KQL query to list the traces from the index pattern.

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