Visualize empty values in data table visualization

I'm beginning with ELK and we're trying to create a table visualization that should display an "Expected Date" for a specific event. However, it is really common to have empty values for this field, and it would be extremely important for us to identify on the table visualization which rows lack the forecast for this event I've mentioned before.

Is there anyway I can set this visualization to show data like the following example?

ID | ExpectedDate |
event1 | 21/12/2020|
event2 | |
event3 | 22/12/2020|

Indexing empty values doesn't work for us because they don't show up on table visualization.

@LucasD I expect you could create a scripted field that maps the date-field to a string-field, showing an empty string for when the date-field is missing cf.

Iso of showing the date-field in your data-table, show that new scripted-field.

Could you please help me with the syntax? I'm not used to painless expressions

hi @LucasD,

I'd start here:

For more detailed info, this is a good entry-point as well:

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Thanks for you help, @thomasneirynck ! I really appreciate it (:

I've created a scripted field and it worked great. However, I ended up adding an extra field to my CSV that contains the exactly same values but mapped as text.

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