Visualize garbage-collection-stats with moving average


I have access to some simple jvm.gc-stats:

I would like to create a timeline where i get, for a period - e.g 15 seconds, the number of counts done (deltaCount), the times spent in GC ( delteCollectionTime) and the average "deltaCollectionTime / deltaCount"

Is this possible? I cannot find any good examples on CG-visualizations, but please point me to examples if possible.

So, are you saying you want to sum collectionTime and divide it by the sum of collectionCount to get an overall average of time/collection?


The point of this visualization would be to indicate heavy garbage-collect patterns, and correlate them against other metrics/log-events.

Ideally I would like to get the number of gc-invocations and time-spent-in-gc for a (predefined?) period, e.g last minute, last 30 seconds, etc.

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