Visualize log message specific content frequency

I'm new to Kibana, currently, I can see my logs at the dashboard, but now what I need is to visualize my logs, what I want to achieve is to show a histogram where the x-axis is the logs containing specific text, and my y-axis represents the count.
I've tried to achieve this with x-axis aggregator but it doesn't show my field name.

Hi @Andrew_Albert,

Can you share the index mapping (can copy it in Management -> Index Management, click on index and look into Mapping tab)?

And a shot in the dark, you can try to refresh the Kibana mapping cache in Management -> Index Patterns? Choose your index pattern and press "Refresh field list" button (top right corner, near the Delete button) and then try to create your viz again.


Hello @azasypkin,
I tried to refresh field list, and then retried to visualize the data, but unfortunately, nothing changed.
Regarding the index management, I don't think I have access to it within my organization, as I already can't find many tabs on the left that's supposed to appear.

Hmm, unfortunately it's hard to give any meaningful advice without knowing how your index mapping looks like.

I guess you don't have access to Kibana Dev Tools as well? If you can access it you can try to fetch mapping from there, if not then you'd probably have more luck talking to anyone in your organization who can access index info.

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