Visualize not works after reindex

Hi Team,

i have merged 2 indexes with reindex Query.

POST _reindex
  "source": {
    "index": "*demo"
  "dest": {
    "index": "ReindexDemo"

indexes merged, but now when am using data view of reindex in visulize bar chart of both index variable in combine way its not giving output for eg.
variable of billingdemo with another variable of billingdemo it works.
variable of filedemo with another variable of filedemo it works.
But if is used billingdemo with another variable of filedemo its not work. same in opposite manner.

Kibana and Elasticsearch version 8.4.0

Can you please show what you mean by this,

Hi warkolm,

Billingdemo variables started from fld and filedemo variable start from fld 1 you can see in image.


Right but that doesn't explain what you are actually doing with these two fields.

ok see in below image both fields from single index and its working

and in this image i'm using fld1 and fld variables fld valiable have same value but its showing no data fount in graph.

@warkolm hope you understand.

Did you create a the same mapping for the dest index before you ran this? If not the mapping may not be the same and thus the viz may not work

Hi Stephenb,

individual both are working i only ran reindex command and create data view, is there any thing that am missing like any mapping related stuff please explain am new in ELK.


Using Fields from 2 different indices / documents will not work...

is any way to work like this ?

No I don't think so... The filter / breakdown needs to be in the same document...

Still not quite sure what you are trying to do ... looks like you are trying to do a "join" which is not supported

Ok thanks can we merege in logstash while inserting? currently am inserting these 2 indexes from 2 different collection of mongodb.

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