Visualize ratio in % over time

Hi everyone,

I am currently using Kibana Version 6.3.2. I am stuck with a little problem and therefore appreciate every help. I am not coming from the tech-site, so please excuse wrong wordings.

My log-data contains an order-deadline (date) and a second date, which states when the order was finished. The aim is to do a visualization of the number of missed Deadlines (in % !!! ) over time.

Current Situation
In order to know if the deadline was missed I created the following scripted field:

def i = (doc['deadline'].date.getMillis() - doc['date'].date.getMillis()) / 3600000;
if (i < 0)
{return "deadline missed";}
return "deadline not missed";

The scripted field works fine. But since Kibana does not support filtering for scripted fields, I cannot use Visual Builder or Timelion to show the number in %. Using a pie chart does not help me since I do want to show it changed over time.

Have you got any other idea how I could get to the desired solution? Have I missed something?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Right now your scripted field is a string. If you return the field as a number, you should be able to use a field formatter to format the number as a percentage.

Thank you very much. Now it works properly!

Great, glad to be of help.

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