Visualize REST API calls?

Is it possible to directly visualize REST API calls, without resorting to monitoring methods like metricbeat monitoring or xpack internal collection?
E.g. could I just make a visual out of this call: "GET _cluster/health" ?

Edit: Afterthought: if visuals are not possible, any other possibility to display the call in a kibana dashboard is also of interest to me.


You can't visualize arbitrary API calls in Kibana directly out of the box. I see two possibilities to realize this.

  • Develop your own custom visualization type. As you are in full control of the visualization, you can also issue arbitrary requests
  • Put together a script outside of Kibana which periodically runs, calls the API and ingests the result into Elasticsearch in a separate index. Then you can use the regular visualization types on top of that index.

As a side node - if your actual use case is visualizing the health or other properties of your Elasticsearch cluster (and not just an example for illustration), the stack monitoring solution might be of interest for you.

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Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Can I export parts of the stack monitoring into custom dashboards? I want to create a kind of "custom stack monitoring" because the actual one is a little too cluttered for my taste. I am only interested in the general status bars and maybe about 5 graphs. I want to display this in a custom dashboard and be able to export it e.g. as an iframe. So far I have tried to recreate the stack-monitoring and have mostly succeeded but a few open ends still remain.

To do this you unfortunately have to take the approach with the periodically running script re-ingesting the information relevant to you - stack monitoring is not customizable to that degree

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That figures. Thanks for clarifying that :slight_smile:

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