Visualize: Unknown error

I am encountering the following error when accessing Kibana via safari frequently:

When visiting the website via Chrome on Windows, however, I haven't been able to reproduce this.

Any idea what is causing this problem and if the browser can influrence this?

I have seen this error when using a Chrome browser. ""I think"" my error was caused by invalid dates in the date field that I was using for my histogram. There were some dates that were for years 2017, 2031, etc. The histogram tried to determine a valid interval based on these bad dates; however, the interval defaulted to "milliseconds". This caused the "Visualize unknown error" like the one that you're experiencing. In your troubleshooting, perhaps you can start by ensuring that there are no invalid dates in your data.

Caveat -- I am a new ELK stack user, so I could be way off-base! :slight_smile:


There's likely an error coming back from elasticsearch, could you check your browser's network tab and see if that's the case, and if so paste the error here.

@Lori_Rivers Hey i am using Kibana 4.6.3..I am also facing same problem...but in my case kibana is not giving every time this error but some time it returning this error.



Can you list the steps you did while you encountered the error and also check what do Kibana and ES logs show. Browsers - Developer tools> Network Tab should show you what is happening . Please paste the error here.


Thanks @rashmi for quick reply.

I resolved my problem.


How did you resolve it?