Visualizing photo exif geo-cordinates with Kibana and Elasticsearch

Does anyone have any experience using Elasticsearch to analyze photos with geo data and visualize it using kibana?

I'm looking at this from a digital forensics perspective where I'm extracting photos from forensic images with exif data, storing it using elasticsearch, and then using Kibana to visualize location and filter by those fields.


I don't, but it sounds relatively simple.
Which part are you after assistance with?

I'm not sure how this would be set up with elasticsearch. I have it running on a windows 7 machine.
For the data would it be possible to push exif table with the geo-coordinates from sql server to elastic search? Otherwise can it index csv files with the data stored there? I'm looking for the best way to analyze large datasets, so making it fast and efficient would be best, but at this point any help would be great.

You can use Logstash for that, check out for taking it from SQL, or the file input and CSV filter.

Isn't that for mysql though? How would I be able to connect logstash/elastic search 2.4.3 with sql server?

It's JDBC, so generic. You just need the driver jar file for MSSQL.