Visualizing rollup index with timezone result in error

Hi, I'd like to use Rollup index in visualize but when I set timezone:Japan in rollup jobs, it result in error .

Here is how I work for.

ES 6.5

1 Get Kibana Sample Data "Sample eCommerce orders"

2 Management > Rollup Job > Create new job as below and start it.

・Index pattern: kibana_sample*

・Rallup index name: rollup_sample

・Schedule: minute

・Interval: 24h

・Time zone: Japan

・Timestamp: order_date

3 Management > Index pattern > create new pattern > Rollup index > create "rollup_sample" pattern with setting timestamp:"order_date".

4 Visualize > New > Line > set X-axis: "Date histogram" and apply.
→cause an error.

Rollup search error: [illegal_argument_exception] There is not a rollup job that has a 2018-12-02 23:52:51 agg on field [order_date] which also satisfies all requirements of query.

Is this a bug?

Hi there, thank you for reporting this to us. I'm one of the engineers who worked on this feature. I'm able to reproduce what you're seeing. It does sound like a bug at first glance but I'm going to dig into it first and I'll let you know what I discover.


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I've spoken with the ES engineers working on this and it does indeed look like a bug. Thanks again for reporting this. I've created an issue which you can follow to stay on top of progress:


Hi @kareyama, thanks for the bug report (and sorry you ran into this bug!)

I just opened a PR to fix this ( In the mean time, if you change your rollup job to use Asia/Tokyo instead of Japan, I believe everything should work for you.

The issue is that the Japan timezone is technically deprecated by the standards committee in charge of timezones. So internally the query translates Japan into Asia/Tokyo. But we had a bug where Rollup didn't do the same translation, which caused the problem.

Once the PR bugfix merges it shouldn't matter as we will do the translation in Rollup as well.

Thank you tow for quick response.
I tryed "Asia/Tokyo" instead of "Japan" but the visualize returned an another error.

Rollup search error: [illegal_argument_exception] Field [@timestamp] in [range] query was found in rollup indices, but requested timezone is not compatible. Options include: [Asia/Tokyo]

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