Visualizing sql query in Kibana


I have some indices with following fields

status: ["Failed", "Succeeded", "None"]
user_id:  user_id

I want to get events with status None if they are not in Succeeded set. This can be checked by user_id. So I need to collect all user_ids for status=Succeeded and check if the user_id of a None is not in that set. Similar to this sql query:

SELECT d FROM   data d
WHERE  d.status = 'None'
       AND d.user_id NOT IN (SELECT user_id FROM data WHERE status = 'Succeeded');

How can I achieve this by using advanced option (json inout) in the visualization? I need to do some visualization on this specific set. Is there any other way besides advanced option in Kibana?

Hey! It is not possible right now but we have it on our roadmap to support this kind of queries I saw that you created an enhancement request in our repo. Thanx for that!

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