Visualizing the percentages of each count range

We have an index with the following fields:

  • UserID
  • message
  • Date/time of message

What we want is to answer the question "what percentage of users posted only 1 message, 2-5 messages, 6-10 messages, 11-100 messages and more than 100.

To count the number of messages per user is easy.

I just can't figure out how to do an aggregation on a previous aggregation in Kibana.

Thanks for any help

Hi @WishTripES,

One way to do this is with data frame transforms - this allows you to create a "pivot" index which does the first part of the aggregation (grouping by userid, resulting in an index containing "UserId" and value count of documents per user). Then you can do a regular Ranges aggregation on top of the pivot index

Thanks - I'll check it out


We are using ElasticSearch on AWS and the Machine Learning feature including the Data Frames are not available. Is there any other way to achieve aggregations of aggregations without data Frames?

Thank you

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