Waiting for unicast hosts to resolve in 5.0.0-alpha5

I'm trying to start up a ES 5.0.0-alpha5 cluster in a Mesosphere DC/OS environment. I want to launch elasticsearch like this:

$MESOS_SANDBOX/elasticsearch-5.0.0-alpha5/bin/elasticsearch -Ediscovery.zen.ping.unicast.hosts=node-0.elasticsearch.mesos,node-1.elasticsearch.mesos,node-2.elasticsearch.mesos ...

The thing is, these node names won't resolve until after this command runs and a few other things happen. This might take a minute. Elasticsearch starts up, throws a ton of java.net.UnknownHostException's, and quits after about 10 seconds.

I was hoping there was some zen unicast setting in https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/master/modules-discovery-zen.html that would tell Elasticsearch to wait a minute, but I couldn't find anything.

Is there anything like that, or another strategy I should use?

Might be a similar problem to Can the ES client wait until the ES server hostname resolves?

For the next person who runs into this: turns out there's an issue around this already.