Want to extract data from a file path, i have the path in mysql ? possible in logstash?

I am very new to logstah. my requirement is read the log file path from mysql field and extract file for elasticseacrh.

something like this:
Mysql database:testDB->fileTable->fileLocation :"/path/to/the/file.log"

I don't know if logstash will be able to do this>?
input { read the mysql fileLocation content using the input-jdbc-plugin}
file{ path => pass/the/fileLocation } //this is another input but the path is coming from the above input.
output to { Elasticsearch }

Thanks in advance

If the file whose path you get from the database is small and you're able to read the whole file in one swoop (rather than tail the file over a long time like the file input is meant to be used) you might be able to get away with a ruby filter or a small custom plugin, but it sounds like you're interested in a database driven Logstash configuration. That's not supported.

I have a small file like 200kb - 1000kb and its a base64 encoded file, so we have a file
Ex. test.file which contains base64 .

path from database will /document/datasets_file/test.file

Please let me know what rugby filter to be used here..

I can only point you in the right direction; I'm not going to write the Ruby code for you.