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I am facing below issue in elasticsearch indexing. It seems indexing has got slower. There is difference of around 5-7 hrs in actual log time and the time it gets stored in DB.

ES logs says below in log file.

[2015-08-19 11:21:53,846][WARN ][monitor.jvm ] [presit-data-Node-2] [gc][old][1407][304] duration [13.2s], collections [1]/[13.5s], total [13.2s]/[1h], memory [998.3mb]->[995.6mb]/[1007.3mb], all_pools {[young] [133.1mb]->[133.1mb]/[133.1mb]}{[survivor] [7.6mb]->[4.9mb]/[16.6mb]}{[old] [857.6mb]->[857.6mb]/[857.6mb]}

I cant understand what its mean?
I tried following but it didn't solve the issue.

  1. heap space increased to 3 GB. Still it shows 1 GB heap size on node diagnostic through elastic-HQ?
  2. sudo swapoff -a

Please guide me on this.

Sunil Chaudhari.

ElasticSearch 2.3.4 grinding to a halt
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Can anybody reply on this?
Please tell me what does it mean and what might be the reason?



This is old generation GC message. It took 13.2 seconds to clean your old gen. It also seems like your old generation is full evern after collection -- [old] [857.6mb]->[857.6mb]/[857.6mb].

How did you increase the heap? Did you do it like ES_HEAP_SIZE=1g? or something else?

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Hi Abhijit,
Thanks for the reply.
I have increased heap size by editing file /etc/sysconfig/elasticsearch. It did not help but at least I could see heap size change from ES-HQ diagnostic page.
setting parameter ES_HEAP_SIZE=1g had no effect on heap size.
I just made some changes in master/data node and cluster is working, but I fear it will arise again.


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