Wat is the isju reading files with no new line?

I have thousands of files with just one line per file. I read these files whit filebeat and send them to logstash. But i do not get any output. If I add a new line to a file I get output form logstash.

Where is the problem?
And are there a workaround for this problem?

Filebeat probably already sent the lines once, or the files are to old to be picked up. Either way, the quickest workaround in test is to rename the file and then copy (not rename) it to the original filename.

Do the files end with a newline character?

No. It is just one line in every file
Screenshot from 2017-12-14 08-48-52

Filebeat and Logstash are line-oriented. They won't send anything until they've seen a newline character.

Is there a tool like filebeat that can read this for me? I have thousands of files on thousands of computers I need to index.

Perhaps you can use an exec input plugin that runs "cat" or a custom script?

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