Watcher Enabling in ES configuration

HI Team,
I want to configure watcher in my ES 6.4 version.

Before that i have few question and i need answer for it and really appreciate if i can able to rectify my questions.
1. I have 3 master and 3 data node,do i need to configure watcher in both the ES Config YAML file.
2. I already below setup using Xpack security setting FYI, true true full certs/ certs/ [ "certs/trust_chain.pem" ] true certs/ certs/ [ "certs/trust_chain.pem" ]
type: http
host: [""]
username: remote_monitor
password: changeme
certificate_authorities: [ "certs/trust_chain.pem" ]

  1. If i'm adding Xpack watcher setting in my configuration and below setting is enough to trigger mail,
profile: outlook
auth: true
starttls.enable: true
port: 25
user: elastic
password: xxxxx

I need your opinion on my approach which im making correct or missing anything in config setting.


I am not sure that I got from your post what the actual question is. Is it about the correctness of that configuration?

That is hard to tell, unless one sees the proper indentation (you can use markdown snippets here).

If it's something else, please do ask explicitely.



HI @spinscale

Thanks for the reply,

1.Do i need to add the in all the ES server or it enough to place it master node.
2.second point is my current configuration setup in elasticsearch.yml.
3.Third point configuration which i going to add for alert enable, is it correct or anything need to modify in it.

i want you to correct that configuration

yes, that needs to be configured for all nodes, as watches are executed across the cluster

All node mean both master and data node of es server.

yes, that's what I meant. When you test things with the Execute Watch API the watch will be executed on the node that receives the request.

@spinscale Thanks for the input.

will work around on it and reach you if required any further input on it.

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