Watcher: ERROR with multiple emails in to/cc fields via template

I'm experiencing the exact problem detailed in the bellow which seems to be closed with no solution.

I'm running version 2.4.1.

Any news on this?

Thank you.

If you're running Elasticsearch 2.4.1 you must be running Kibana 4.6.?

I've been using watcher since 5.0.0 to email a PDF report with multiple email addresses like this (but I haven't used Mustache templates to build the email list);

        "actions": {
          "email_admin": {
            "email": {
              "to": ["",""],

The problem is with the Mustache template.

I re-opened this topic X-Pack Watcher: multiple emails in to/cc fields via template

If you'd like to ask about any status updates on it. Or add information.


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