Watcher: ERROR with multiple emails in to/cc fields via template


(Pablo) #1

I'm experiencing the exact problem detailed in the bellow which seems to be closed with no solution.

I'm running version 2.4.1.

Any news on this?

Thank you.

(Lee Drengenberg) #2

If you're running Elasticsearch 2.4.1 you must be running Kibana 4.6.?

I've been using watcher since 5.0.0 to email a PDF report with multiple email addresses like this (but I haven't used Mustache templates to build the email list);

        "actions": {
          "email_admin": {
            "email": {
              "to": ["",""],

(Pablo) #3

The problem is with the Mustache template.

(Lee Drengenberg) #4

I re-opened this topic X-Pack Watcher: multiple emails in to/cc fields via template

If you'd like to ask about any status updates on it. Or add information.


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