Watcher - formatting the description field in jira action


I try to format the description field in jira out of a watcher with different styles, bold text and so on.
I've found no documentation, if this is possible and if it is, what I could use. Does anybody know if it is just plain text or if more is possible ?

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The fields are forwarded as-is to JIRA, so if JIRA supports this (which I do not know on top of my head), then it should also be supported by alerting.

Thank you for your answer.

I was just wondering, if the formatting is done in JIRA and I might use html-tags to format the description. For an email body in Watcher I have to decide in Watcher if it is body.text or body.html.

I will give it a try.

Hi @spinscale ,

just to let you know, I've tried with Jira markup syntax and this works as expected.

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