Watcher on node stats

Not sure if this is an ECE or just general Elasticsearch query, but I'm trying to set up watchers on node stats e.g. check JVM heap not using over 80%.

Is there a way to do this using the search input. I know it would be possible with a Http input but then I have to worry about authenticating to the cluster which isn't ideal.

*additional query
If I use the http request, like below, the payload has a node ID in it (see below)

"payload": {
  "nodes": {
    "s59clI5ORciYdbW16QOPfg": {
       "timestamp": 1548936254192,

Is there a way of

  • creating a watcher that would loop through all of the nodes and alert on values in the node if a condition met
  • If not "moving into" the node without having to specify the key in the watcher


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