Watcher: Transform in an input chain

Hi there,

I need to chain multiple HTTP requests in a watcher chain input. One of the HTTP requests returns an HTML file which I need to parse for a certain value. That value must be used in later step of the chain. I was thinking about using a transform script to parse the value. However, I could not find any documentation on using transforms in chains. It looks like it can only be used as an input of the action(s). If so, what would you suggest to do in that case? Writing the value to Elasticsearch and calling it with another watcher seems to be pretty dirty to me.



unfortunately, transforms in chain inputs are currently not supported, even though it is indeed a very useful idea to add them.

Is there any chance, you can get the required data preprocessed from the endpoint? Otherwise jumping through several watches might be the only solution for know.


Hi Alex,

thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the response from the server in another format. Adding an additional preprocessing service is not really working out in this case. So I'll try to get that workaround working..

Thanks anyway

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