Watchguard firewall on ingestion manager

The ingestion manager was long due and i am quite pleased with what i see.

For this client there is a request to on-board watchguard devices, can i contribute to an effort of creating an ingestion profile for watchguard ? Are there readily available anywhere else ?

Hi @JLT Really glad to hear you like what we have built. At the moment we build all our integrations in the repository here: What I recommend you as a first step is to open an issue in this repo so we can start a conversation around it! Best link it here.

after an encounter with the sales team i no longer share the enthousiasm

the elastic cloud-or-nothing approach is not appreciated, the sales reps were totally ignorant and failed to deliver any sensible tidbit of information for on-prem self-managed pricing (4K*3 minimum for 64GB/node, is all they could share)

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