We are looking for having search solution for platform contain data from multiple application. Our use case is providing exact search and recommendation. We are exploring best to suit and ES/Vespa is what in discussion

What difference between Vespa and ES?
For longer term which would be better to choose?
Elastic coming up with Elser model will it be available for GA if so, when?

Welcome to the community!

For ELSER going GA: We don't have a public issue tracking the schedule right now, but we are actively working on it and it should come out soon(ish) — there are more people asking :slight_smile:

We're probably not the best crowd to speak for Vespa but IMO the Elasticsearch advantages are:

  • most widely used tool in this area by quite a margin
  • connectors, crawler, and many other ways to ingest your data
  • a large and active community (asking questions, references, hiring,...)

It might also help if you have any details around scale, how / where you want to host it, specific requirements for queries / latency / ... to give more concrete answers.

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