Webhook.host doesn't translate ctx.metadata values


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I have a multiple watches that perform a webhook action. I want to store the host in a ctx.metatdata field for flexibility in cases where the host may differ depending on installation parameters, but the {{ctx.metadata}} value isn't being translated on watch execution.

meta data look like this:

    "Host" : "myurl",
    "Authorization" : "myauth"

webhook like this:

    "webhook" :
            "method" : "post",
            "scheme" : "https",
            "host" : "{{ctx.metadata.Host}}",
            "headers" : 
                "Authorization": "Basic {{ctx.metadata.Authorization}}",

when the watch is executed I get this error

           "reason": "ElasticsearchException[Illegal character in authority at index 8: https://{{ctx.metadata.Host}}:443/rest/api/2/issue]; nested: URISyntaxException[Illegal character in authority at index 8: https://{{ctx.metadata.Host}}:443/rest/api/2/issue]; "

When host is hard coded everything works. The ctx.metadata.Authorization translation in the "headers" section occurs as expected so I can only assume the webhook.host field doesn't support ctx.metadata values. Can anyone confirm, or provide an alternative.

I'm using Elasticsearch version 2.1.2

(Alexander Reelsen) #2


you are right. The host is not templatable right now, header, params and body are however. I do not have any alternative on top of my head right now, but we could make this templatable in the future.


(Curtis) #3

We would definitely use it. Where in the documentation could I have found this information? I looked around, but didn't find it.

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the webhook action attributes table lists which fields support templates


(Curtis) #5

Thanks -- I see the information now. When considering adding additional templating please include host port and scheme

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