Webhook output inside ctx?

I am running a webhook but i am not able to get the rest api call output into the context so i can send it through an email action is that possible?


this is not sufficient in order to aid with debugging. A full watch would help a lot. Based on a single sentence problem all that can be done is to guess things. So my guess here is, that you would like to have the output of an action in the ctx.payload somewhere, so that you can access the fields.

This is unfortunately not possible at the moment, only the inputs are available.

You could create a second watch, that queries the watcher history index and retrieves the last execution of your first watch and then extracts such information.

Hope this helps!


Yes, it does help. Thanks for taking the time to answer.
Now, when you mention that only the inputs are available by any chance do you have a sample that shows how to use the inputs?

Run the execute watch API and check the payload field from the output, you will see the data that is available.

Thanks, for the second reply :smiley: but that still requires a second watcher and i am trying to avoid that. I end up using aggregations to get the data as i didnt find any other way to get into the hits array.

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