Website shut down by court ruling, relaunching with Elasticsearch


A group of Norwegian internet activists started to give all the citizens free access to court decisions, defining current law. In less then 24 hours a court ruling shut down the website, without any contradiction, and we had to pay the counterparty's legal costs of $12.500. We are now fighting this injunction and will relaunch the website in a few weeks, with an even better service using Elasticsearch.

But we need some help...

The site use MediaWiki as CMS and the database has about 40.000 Supreme Court decisions, but the standard search engine is not able to find page titles (eg. "HR-2010-01967-A - Rt-2010-1395"). We think Elasticsearch can do this and more, but we have limited experience with search engine configuration.

In addition to make it possible to find page titles, we need to add "synonyms" (eg. "Rt-2010-1395", "Rt 2010 1395", "Rt. 2010 s. 1395" is all refering to the same court decision).

Can you help?
We would be grateful if you can help to connect Elasticsearch with MediaWiki (using the extension CirrusSearch) and configure Elasticsearch to handle the searching (index, synonyms, display).

Elasticsearch v5.4 is already installed on the server.

You can read about the project here:


Anyone who wants to help configure Elasticsearch?

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