Weekly index with date_index_name processor

I implement weakly-routing using elaticsearch processors.
I need to generate the formy index yyyy-MM-W, i.e. for the date 05/19/2020, the index -2020-05-4 must be created.

I use the processor:

     "date_index_name" : {
          "field" : "add_time",
          "index_name_prefix" : "testtime-",
          "date_rounding" : "d",
          "date_formats":["yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS"]

Test message:

PUT /testtime/_doc/10
    "add_time": "2020-05-19 01:41:42.303"

However, as a result, an index of type testtime-2020-05-1 is formed. For any date, the week value is 1.

As I understood from the documentation, the date format conforms to the java standard.
Is this format not supported or am I doing something wrong?
I understand that you can use a hack: round the date by week value and use the date format yyyy-MM-dd, in fact it will be the same, but the resulting index names do not quite correspond to reality.

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