Weird behavior after changing time slot

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I'm currently using : kibana-6.5.4-linux-x86_64 with elasticsearch-6.5.4
My server is a CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804
I'm using Google Chrome 71 on Windows 10
And I installed ELK after downloading the tar.gz on the web

I have simply tried to create a Gauge using Visual Builder but it does seem to work as expected
I created a single 'Count' grouping by 'Terms' let's call it 'StatusConnection' and I've got all my different gauges at 0 with the time slot 'Today'. If I now set this time slot at 'Last 12hours' all my different gauges show me a number
(Tested at 5pm so the filters 'last 12 hours' and 'today' are supposed to look at the same data)

Thanks for your help

Hi there, would you mind sharing a screenshot of each scenario so I can better understand your issue?

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Sorry if I wasn't clear
Find below 2 screen shots :


So the question is, why 7 (3+1+1+2) items are found in the 'last 4 hours' (from 5am to 9am) but 0 for 'Today'

Thanks, Guillaume! I just learned that this is due to a UX flaw in TSVB. Essentially, the last bucket is what's displayed in the non-chart visualizations, such as Gauge for example. So though you've picked "Today", you're not seeing all of the results from that entire time range; just the last bucket. This issue tracks the problem:


Thank you !

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