What are logstash indicies starting with 00?

Hi there,

I've experimented with logstash last month and got it working fine. However, today when trying to set up curator I noticed that along with the regular indicies "logstash-2019.05.20" for some days logstash seems to have created indicies along the pattern of "logstash-0019.05.20". I stumbled across it as curator wants to delete them.

I couldn't find any information and was wondering what these indicies are?

Could someone shed some light onto this?


What will you see:

GET _cat/indices ?
Is the index name with .logstash or logstash?
Because the data with . before is the monitoring/logging stuff.

The indicies were not with "." in front. They looked like regular logstash indicies which is why I thought it is normal but just couldnt find any information about it. Btw, logstash and ES 5.6

Unfortunately the indices are now gone due to curator (forgot the dry-run setting... :frowning: )

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