What are supported date unit in Decay function?

(Xudong You) #1

I tried decay function on ES 5.2 as follows:

      "functions": [
            "gauss": {
                "AvailableDate": {
                    "scale": "3w",
                    "offset": "6w",
                    "decay": 0.9

I thought 3w mean 3 weeks, but I got following error:
"failed to parse setting [DecayFunctionParser.scale] with value [3w] as a time value: unit is missing or unrecognized"

I also tried 'd', 'm', 'y', 'M' etc. only 'd' and 'm' work, but seems 'm' means minute not month, right?

So my question is, what are supported date unit in decay function?

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