What are the best practices and suggestions for setting up ElasticSearch for ecom?


I am starting to learn about ElasticSearch and wanted some opinions and suggestions on the best way to set it up.

I am part of an e-commerce company and we want to use es for our search needs. The entire application is hosted on aws with a mysql database. I need to figure out the best method/technology to write the adapter to load the relational data into elasticsearch. It should also be able to take requests for atomic updates.

Could someone please comment on the best way to do it? Any insights on recommended configuration/best practices would be great.


There are some chapters in the Definitive Guide around general best practises for deployment etc, however each use case is different so it's hard to really provide you specifics unfortunately.

Thanks Mark. I'll try to read up on that. However, elasticsearch was updated to 2.0 and if I am not wrong, brought significant changes. What topics, if any, should I avoid referring in the book?

The vast majority of it still applies, especially when it comes to operational deployment.
We're in the process of updating the guide for 2.0 now though, it won't be too far off!

Thanks Mark. Much appreciated.