What are the built-in index templates for log-* & metrics-* indices?


I use elasticsearch-oss:7.8.0 and planning to upgrade to v7.10.2.
Going through the breaking changes in newer versions, found that in 7.9, elasticsearch added built-in index templates for the metrics-*-* and logs-*-* index patterns (Ref - Breaking changes in 7.9 | Elasticsearch Guide [7.9] | Elastic)

  • Are these built-in templates added for the -oss distribution as well?
  • If yes, what are the exact definitions of these built-in templates (i.e. mappings,settings etc) for log* and metrics* indices?
    I was not able to find the template definitions in the docs either.

Tried installing a 7.10 setup and ran below queries to fetch existing index tempates, both queries resulted in empty response:

GET /_template/_all
GET /_index_template

That would be part of our Basic distribution, so I don't think that'd show up in the OSS distro.

All right. Thanks for the info and the quick response! :+1:

Although it would be great if the breaking changes doc had some way of segregating/labelling changes related to oss and non-oss.

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