What causes a "empty server certificate chain"


i want to configure one elasticsearch-node to communicate via https and i am using the following parameters:

(xpack.security) = xs

xs.enabled: true
xs.transport.ssl.enabled: true
xs.transport.ssl.verification_mode: certificate
xs.http.ssl.enabled: true

With the correct certificates added to the keystores for full-trust, i get: exception thrown in transport layer "empty server certificate chain" thrown.

Does anybody know what could went wrong here?

Thank you!

the path parameters have been referenced according to the keystores path.

Hi there @maxg1!

Please share your entire configuration, there should be nothing sensitive in the paths of the files and do not make random substitutions as it is really hard to read this and we can't never be sure if something is wrong because it is wrong or because you tried to substitute it.

Also, please share the whole exception from the logs rather your interpretation of it, it will make it so much easier for folks that want to assist you to actually do so !

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