What determines a fact count / how can I manipulate it

Hi, I have multiple term filters / facet counts right now that my users can
filter with. Both term lists do OR filters when selecting multiple terms of
the same field (using term / should in elasticsearch), but the seperate
term filters reduce as they are selected i.e. selecting categories X and Z
and tag Y show things that are either of category X or Z, but also have tag
Y. But the facet counts don't reduce to match the filters in the other
field, so that if category X is selected, and there are 0 things tagged
with Y that also have category X, the facet count for Y displays the number
it did before category X was selected rather than 0. How can I inform the
facet counts that the category filter is present? I'm assuming there must
be a way to manipulate how the numbers are calculated.


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