What does it mean java node client with secured cluster is not supported?


I am slightly a newbie to elastic. I need to create a new coordinating only node to use transport client with x-pack security. I am reading here (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/x-pack/current/java-clients.html) "Using the Java Node Client with secured clusters is not recommended or supported." can anyone provide details on what that means?

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It just means that you should use a Transport Client or the REST client.
The old fashion Node Client is not supported anymore.

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I am using node v4.5.0 & npm 1.4.21. When I am using ES 2.4.0 my node is connecting fine to ES. After upgrading it to 5 its showing ES is down. In my package.json I am seeing "elasticsearch": "^11.0.1", this version. In the documentation (5.0 API) I am seeing every thing same as 2.4.0 API. Can you explain how Transport Client or the REST client is used in node to connect to ES 5??? I am not using X-pack in my node.

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You are using JavaScript. It's not related to Tranport or REST Java client.
Open a new thread and explain what your problem is. I actually don't understand what you wrote. May be it's because I'm not a JS dev?

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