What does it meen when refresh rate is high?

Using 1.4.3

So I have a nice "beefy" cluster 4 nodes of 32 cores, 128GB RAM, 5TB RAID 0
(Using Sandisk 960GB Extreme Pro) for each machine.

I am indexing about 4000 documents per second at an average of about 800
bytes per document. At the same time as indexing I'm running queries.

Looking at Elastic HQ numbers.

Indexing - Index:0.28ms0.32ms0.3ms0.32msIndexing - Delete:0ms0ms0ms0msSearch

  • Query:29.23ms29.36ms24.46ms36.63msSearch - Fetch:0.25ms0.24ms0.25ms0.21msGet
  • Total:0.67ms0.46ms0ms0.48msGet - Exists:1.19ms0.65ms0ms0.48msGet -
    90.45ms111.14ms84.63msNo matter what test I'v done or machine configuration
    the refresh rate has always been red... What does it mean and does it

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