What does "OK" mean for a rule?

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What does it mean that a rule is "ok" as seen on this screenshot?

I suppose I don't want anything but "Active"?

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Hi, from the documentation Create and manage rules | Kibana Guide [7.x] | Elastic

Rule status

A rule can have one of the following statuses:


The conditions for the rule have been met, and the associated actions should be invoked.


The conditions for the rule were previously met, but no longer. Changed to recovered in the 7.14 release.


An error was encountered during rule execution.


The rule has not yet executed. The rule was either just created, or enabled after being disabled.


A problem occurred when calculating the status. Most likely, something went wrong with the alerting code.

Dear Marco =)

Thanks a lot for looking into this!

What does "The conditions for the rule were previously met, but no longer" mean? In particularly "no longer"? I see ok (recovered) for 99% of all new rules I create, so I am concerned that they don't actually do anything.

How can I turn an ok/recovered rule into active?

Sandra =)

Hey sandra,
You are right, the docs is not very clear, but the OK and Active mean:

  • Ok means the rule is running fine, doesn’t detect anything worth alerting on
  • Active means the rule is finding things worth alerting on (firing actions)

The alerting team opened a PR to improve the Docs

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Dear Marco,

Those two last diescriptions, makes it very clear, that they mean. Thanks =)

I would say as an user, it is very confusing that health and activity are mixed in under the Status column. Unknown, pending, error, and OK are health related, and active doesn't belong in that category.

Changing OK to recovering will probably make it worse. Recovering sounds to me as, something have crashed (not been gracefully shut down), and that something is regenerating lost data. Think e.g. a database host with had its power cut.

To me it would be better to keep OK and then either change Active to OK and recently been active or add a new Activity column with cold and hot states.

Sandra =)

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Hi @Sandra_Schlichting,

The documentation was confusing rule and alert statuses. So we removed "recovering" from the terminology as it has nothing to do with the rule and kept "active" and "ok".

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