What happen when logstash kafka input die?

I use logstash for collecting log from Kafka and output to file. My logstash like a consumer. In document of Kafka, i see auto.commit.enable for detect position log when consumer fail. With logstash-input-kafka plugin, i don't see this config.

How about logstash detect position in kafka topic if it die.


What version of the plugin are you using? (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/current/working-with-plugins.html)

With some of the orginal plugins auto offset commit was just the default behavior. With later versions the setting is exposed (https://github.com/logstash-plugins/logstash-input-kafka/blob/master/lib/logstash/inputs/kafka.rb#L80).

Version number will help answer your question.

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