What happens to copy_to field when one of the origins values modified/deleted

I didn't find any reference in docs for this question.
I want to use copy_to to copy multiple fields to a signle field, when one of the original fields might be modified.

For example:
I have 2 fields:

user_tags - which has value of ["user tag 1", "user tag2"]
backend_tags - which has the value of ["be tag 1", "be tag 2"]

both of them copied with copy_to to the field tags:

tags - which has the value ["user tag1", "user tag 2", "be tag 1", "be tag 2"]

3 questions -

  1. What will happen to "tags" field if someone update "user_tags" field and remove "user tag 1", or add "user tag 3" ?
  2. What will happen to "tags" field if in both "backend_tags" and "user_tags" there are the same tag "generic tag" ?
  3. What will happen to "tags" field if this "generic tag" which was copied, will be removed from "'user_tags" but will remain in "backend_tags" ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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