What happens when using Logstash and Filebeat in production and any of them fails?

Hello, I am currently testing the ELK. My system contains of a few machines producing logs with Filebeat on them. One machine with centralized Logstash and from there pushing logs into AWS ES. When I push this into production and sometimes for some reason my Logstash or any of my Filebeat machines crash, or just the service crashes. What happens after that? How do I get notified that something has crashed? When resumed from where does Filebeat pick up from, can it know where it left of, as there will be a lot more logs in the folder by then? What happens when Logstash crashes?

Are you using watcher for notifications?
Have you thought about implementing an ingest pipeline with Kafka. Something interesting to share: https://www.elastic.co/blog/integrating-elastic-stack-with-arcsight-siem-part-3

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