What if my storage is full?

Hi Everyone,

We are running a elastisearch cluster of 3 nodes and we have mounted our storage on SAN.
I was just wandering if the storage is full, what will happen to our cluster?

We wanted to test this scenario. Please help what are the possibilities in this kind case, what will be the solution and how we can replicate and test this scenario?

Thanks in advance!!

From 6.0.0-beta1 (not available yet), this will be put your indices as readonly.

Before this version, you will have to suffer from some troubles.
Best thing to do is to have a monitoring and stop injecting data when your nodes are running low on space.

Not related to your question but:

we have mounted our storage on SAN

This is not what we recommend. We actively recommend using local disks instead.

Hi David,

Thanks for the response!
Does elasticsearch provides any API/mechanism from which we can monitor the disk usage?


x-pack monitoring does that.
Note that it requires a licence. The Basic (free) one is enough.

Ok...i see that x-pack has one month free subscription only.

No. The Basic license is for one year and is free.

This one month trial is to test all x-pack features. But as soon as you add your basic license the trial stops.


Ok. Let me try.
Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

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