What is ECCN number for X-Pack?

I want to use X-Pack with my Elastic in my service. So I need to confirm ECCN number.

I found this thread.
Is ECCN number for X-Pack also 5D992?


I've asked someone to check this and we will get back to you!

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It turns out that the export control laws change fairly frequently and when they do, we sometimes have to change our ECCN number as a result. So while I'm happy to share our ECCN number for both Elasticsearch and X-Pack as of today - it's 5D002 - we can't guarantee that it won't change again, so if you need to use this information at any point in the future (even the very near future), please seek appropriate professional guidance and reach out to us at info at elastic.co for the latest information before you do!

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Thank you @warkolm , @skearns !

I'll check latest information by your professional guidance.

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