What is "lock-step" in load balancing mode?

I am setting up load balancing configuration referencing the document
I found lock step mode but due to lack of my knowledge , I dont understand what this do.

I have tested comparing with the regular mode by sending two logs sequentially to two logstash nodes but it seems to send to only one logstash.

How does this "lock step" mode behave and when should you use this mode?

The regular mode will send logs sequentially to one node at a time. No matter how many nodes you have configured.

In "lock step" mode, the batch collected by the spooler is split up into smaller batches of size bulk_max_size. These smaller batches are load-balanced between available connections. Only after all sub-batches have been published, another batch is retrieved from the spooler. "lock step" stands for: waiting for all sub-batches being published.

I've created an issue in GitHub to add some clarification to the docs:

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