What is request cache

On the Elasticsearch 5 alpha release , I noticed that something called request cache is highlighted as key release component.

Enable the indices request cache by default #17162 (issues: #16870, #17134)

I went though the discussion and i could not able to understand what this cache was about and how it worked.
Is this same as query cache we had before ? or is it something new and improved.
Kindly point me to some documentation or literature which have explanation on what this is....


the indices request cache replaces the query cache (and is enabled by default in 5.0). See also the migration guide:



Hello @danielmitterdorfer ,

I was wondering request cache was made as one of the highlights of Elasticsearch 5.0 Alpha release.
If i am right , the same feature was present previously but in query cache name.

Is this feature , something different ?


Hi Vineeth,

this list contains all changes in Elasticsearch 5.0 not just highlights. The functionality is similar to before, you just have to be aware that it is on by default now (but you can disable it).