What is the best javascript client for ES with least # of dependencies?

I want to use a javascript client for ES that has the least # of
dependencies because it will make it easier to port it onto Parse.com as a
cloud module. The more dependencies and/or files involved, the messier it
looks when bringing in an existing npm module to an environment like Parse.

So far I'm inclined to use node-elasticsearch-clienthttps://github.com/phillro/node-elasticsearch-client/because it has no dependencies according to its

The official elasticsearch-jshttps://github.com/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-jsclient on the other hand has four other runtime dependencies.

"dependencies": {
"chalk": "~0.4",
"forever-agent": "0.5.2",
"lodash-node": "~2.4",
"when": "~2.8"

If there is already a branch for this client that's more suited to porting
for environments like Parse.com, can someone chime in and let me know about

I'm partially inclined to just use nothing but a simple HTTP request, in
order to be lean, but I thought it might be worth exploring if I could go

Please feel free to share your thoughts and pointers.

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