What is the best practice around filtering out search results with curse words

Hey All,
I want to filter out docs with hate words in my search result. Currently we
are having bool filter in every search query for the list of all words. And
this results in tons of slow queries, since the list of hate words is long
(So much of hatred around :frowning: )

I was wondering what are the best practices for this spam/hate words

Here are what we are considering:

  1. Pre-process : Scan the doc prior to indexing and hence mark them bad or
    do not index them.
    Problem : The documents are indexed from several processes and it is
    difficult to force the rule on any new component some one writes.

  2. Creating a percolator and running it periodically (Not sure of the best
    frequency and timing) to tag all documents with bad words as "badDoc" :
    true. Hence have a filter in all the queries.
    Problem : Not sure of the performance impact due to periodical running
    of percolator, secondly the same problem of discipline in all queries to
    exclude badDoc

Personally I would favor a pure ES solution and I am sure this is not a new
problem, and hence seeking expert guidance and best practices.
Any guidance/links would be helpful!

Thanks and Regards

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