What is the best suitable Elasticsearch architecture?

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Hi, I am planning to use Elasticsearch Cluster with 4 different servers with each Node on one server. Out of which 3 Nodes are Master Eligible and Data Nodes and the other is Coordinating only Node(Kibana is also running on the same machine).

Data ingestion would be 2GB daily. I am planning to have 2 Primary Shards and 1 Replica Shard for each index(Having too many Primary Shards would effect Performance).

Hardware Specs:
CPU - 4x2.2ghz
Memory- 32gb
Disk - 600gb

Please let me know if I am missing anything. Your help is highly appreciated.


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Hi, Any suggestions please?

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Hello Amruth,

It's a wide opened question so that's not a surprised only a few would answer.
The best architecture is the one which fit to your need.
Here is from my experience what I can say.
Your node have everything they need to support an elk solution.

  • discovery.zen.ping.unicast.hosts:
  • network.host:

the other is Coordinating only

From the documentation

Requests like search requests or bulk-indexing requests may involve data held on different data nodes. A search request, for example, is executed in two phases which are coordinated by the node which receives the client request — the coordinating node.

Maybe you are looking for an ingest node:


In my point of view, 2Gb a day is not enough to have that kind of process, i would use the 4th node in the cluster.


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Hi Greg,

Thanks for your answer.

I am not using ingest node because there is another node with Logstash which pre-process the documents before they get indexed. Based upon the data ingestion I can always add another node as per your suggestion.

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