What is the best way to do wildcards with booleans?

Hi everybody,

we are using ES for some time now, and most searches we do are boolean multi match querys. Usually, we search trough 3 or 4 fields with a bool/must/multimatch query.

We then add 0-10 boolean filter (usually bool/must_not/term/type..).

For our new internal search we need both empty querys (show all) and wildcards querys that look like 'partial_query' who will search trough 3-4 fields.

I looked at the wildcard query, but it did not work for me.

Is there a good way to use wildcards with bools ? Performance ist not a big issue, we have very fast hardware, and only search trough 500-10k items at once.

Thx in advance for your feedback!

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